Newmen Components

Our passion for bicycles constantly pushes us to develop new and innovative products. New ideas, a holistic approach combined with a fresh design and the implementation of the newest materials and production technologies allow us to manufacture super light, yet highly functional components with maximum safety and a modern design in mind.

Due to our inhouse test lab we are able to develop products which enter the market at a fully mature stage and are tested with the current state of the art testing protocols. With these advantages we can guarantee fair prices and an uncomplicated dealer and customer service.

Crash replacement and warranty

All NEWMEN products come with a 3-year warranty covering all materials and manufacturing defects on top of the legal guarantee.

All components must be assembled and used in accordance with the instructions. Third-party components (spokes, nipples etc.) are covered by the respective manufacturer's warranty. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, failure to observe operating instructions, incorrectly carried out repairs, assembly or maintenance work, or damage caused by the incorrect lacing of spokes (spoke pattern, spoke crossing points, spoke tension etc.).
Bearings are subject to wear and tear and are not covered by the 3-year warranty.
MG-Components GmbH & Co. KG will repair or replace only the faulty NEWMEN product at its own discretion. Warranty claims must be made in conjunction with the original purchase invoice (or a copy) from the dealer.

What is not covered

- damage resulting from incorrect assembly or installation.
- damage resulting from incorrect repair work.
- improper use, e.g. using a cross-country wheelset for downhill riding.

Crash replacement

In addition to the legal guarantee, we offer crash replacement for all NEWMEN components.
This service can be used for all parts that are no longer functional after a fall or accident through no fault of their own.

You will receive a 50% discount on the recommended retail price.
The Crash Replacement service is valid for three years after purchase, lifetime for all carbon rims from 2020 onwards.

It can be transferred to subsequent owners.
The damage must be such that it impairs the functioning of the component (aesthetic damage is not covered). The damaged part will be replaced with the same model. However, MG-Components GmbH &Co. KG reserves the right to replace the damaged item with an equivalent alternative item. There shall be no legal entitlement; ownership of the damaged part transfers to MG-Components GmbH &Co. KG. MG-Components GmbH &Co. KG will not cover any reassembly or shipping costs or customs charges. The Crash Replacement service does not replace guarantee provisions in individual countries. Mounted parts, such as tyres, cassettes, brake discs, saddles etc. must be removed.